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If it’s Koyna it must be Wind Chalet-A BOTIQUE WEEKEND GETAWAYS NEAR PUNE

Ever heard the sound of silence?

Listen to rustle of leaves, chirping of birds or the sound of rains.

Lush green earth. Clear blue skies. Turquoise waters of Koyna dam. Feast your eyes till they are heavy with sleep. Be in harmony with nature. Come to koyna for total peace of mind.Perched on top of the picturesque sahyadri, Koyna is nothing but paradise on Earth.  Sky Earth Water, Koyna is a silent witness for their Triveni Sangam.

Nestled in tucks of Sahyadri Mountains ranges, Wind Chalet is dream resort for tourist of all season and reasons.

In summer it is a cool retreat.
Come winter, it is a cozy gateway.
Experience the highest rainfall of 6000 mm during monsoon.
When rain falls, it is a trip down memory lane.
Experience a new lifestyle approach as you are surrounded by lush greenery,fresh mountain air and mystifying backwater views.




A cosy nest with all modern amenities that is Wind Chalet. Build in harmony with nature and without assaulting
the environs, Wind Chalet resort  has 2 luxurious suites each on ground floor and on first floor. Insulated from external
world and wide open to nature you can indulge in the peace and tranquillity of Koyna and rediscover the joy of togetherness with your family and the nature.



The two deluxe rooms located on the first floor share a common balcony (seperated by movable partition).The First Floor rooms offer an outstanding view of the Koyna Dam and the Koyna backwaters are suitable for family groups..Equipped with Modern amenities ,the rooms provide a comortable stay in the lap of nature.


The two deluxe rooms on the ground floor are large and open out to the common lawns and seating areas.The ground floor rooms also offer a good view of the Koyna Dam and the Koyan backwaters .Equipped with Modern amenities ,the rooms provide a comortable stay in the lap of nature.


Wind Chalet has a small restaurant and dining area and our caretaker prepares authentic local food with the best available ingredients.


Koynanagar offers  various activities for the adventure seekers ,from Jungle Safari inside the Koyna wildlife sanctuary to Fishing in the Koyna River. Guests can also experience farm visitis, bird watching ,local culture and trekking. There are many Tourist attractions like the Nehru garden,Koyna dam ,Ozarde waterfalls and Ghatmatha that one may visty during their vacation at Koyna. Koyna is also home to many historical forts like Bhairavgad and Junglee Jaigad.Koyna is one of the best weekend getaways near Pune.


Is one of the Best Weekend Gateaways Near Pune

Review of our Guests

 Wind Chalet Resort Koyna is a wonderful weekend gateaways near Pune, standing on top of the hill is everything for every guest.
For solace seekers it is as peaceful as a hermitage.
For nature watchers it opens altogether a different world with fathomless bounty of nature.
For adventurist, wild life and mountaineering are within their reach. For honeymooners it provides a world of their
own cut off from the rest of the world as a couples resorts.
For family it is a memorable experience.


Central Reservation Time
10:00 am to 07:00 pm

+91 9071441144


       Near Koyna Lake Resort, Humbarli, Koynanagar, Taluka Patan, Satara, Koynanagar, Maharashtra