Volunteer as an Expert Naturalist @ Forest Escapes Koyna

Who can Volunteer ?

Visual Storytellers and Writers

Visual Storytellers inspire the world by amplifying the stories about the natural world through their work. Be it wildlife photographers, nature photographers, cinematographers, filmmakers and more. Through their images, videos and documentaries – they unravel the untold stories and mysteries of nature and create awareness about wildlife, its conservation, protection and preservation.

Nature Guides & Birders

This includes naturalists, birders, safari guides, forest guides, field guides, field guide, trainers and animal whisperers who work closely with nature and bridge the gap between the wild and humans. They ensure that the study of the natural world by humans does not disturb the ecology, rather help manage human-wildlife conflict.

They communicate and interpret the significance of the environment, promote minimal impact practices, ensure the sustainability of the natural and cultural environment and encourage those tourists to consider their own lives in relation to larger ecological or cultural concerns.

Minimum Duration for Volunteering – 30 days

How you can Volunteer ?

Visual Storytellers and Writers

Photograph the flora and fauna in and around our Property, Make videos , Blogs, articles, etc

Nature Guides & Birders

Lead activity programs for adults and group such as village walks, birding, trekking, star gazing, nature trail, wildlife documentary movies, Interactive & fun games & activities & etc.
Survey our property and surroundings to determine the forest conditions and distribution and document the fauna and flora.
Educates guests about the geology, geography, natural history, ecology, culture of the surrounding area.
Involve themselves into Guest Relations Activities,Interacts with guests and initiates “teachable moments”.


What's in it for Volunteers ?

1.Explore Koyna!

Our Activities will only take a few hours of your time, the rest of the times is yours to Explore the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2. It’s rewarding

When you donate your time, you are helping in environment awareness. Knowing that you are making a difference can increase your confidence, lower your stress levels and make you feel good.

3. You can develop your skills

There are lots of ways that volunteering can help strengthen your skills, whether its communicating while stewarding at an event, or helping us with our research.

4. You can do what you do best

Volunteering doesn’t have to take you out of your comfort zone. In fact, one of the best ways to volunteer is to think about what you’re great at, and to volunteer with that.

5. Make new friends

Working closely with our staff and interacting with the hundreds of guests visiting our property, you are bound to find someone you click with, add in our curious, confident and welcoming beneficiaries and it will be impossible to leave without forming life-long friendships. We attract volunteers from every corner of India , so you can also enjoy cross-cultural experiences

6.Comfortable Accommodation and Meals