Family Get Together which creates Beautiful Memories at Resorts near Kolhapur

Are you craving fun and adventurous day of family get together with family in beautiful, peaceful and stress-free nature, then Agreen Hotel’s resorts are perfect for you. Our resorts near kolhapur are ideal destinations for family events.

Located amidst the lush backdrops of Sahyadri Mountain, a day out at Agreen hotels comes in as a delightful opportunity to escape the boorish city-life. Visit this leisure home anytime during the week or in a day, and you will be assured with jovial and fun-filled moments.Ideal for family get together and gatherings. 

A usual day out at Agreen Hotels gets more exciting when it is blended with an array of activities.Start your day with delicious breakfast and then explored the in house activities there is a swimming pool, indoor & outdoor games For the fun seekers, they can participate in exciting activities like hiking the wild trails or just enjoy swimming in the river and make their day out more eventful!Also, as this resort is located within close proximity to the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, and is one of the best resorts near Kolhapur. It is always a delight to get engaged in a day out at the Agreen, 

The package also has a special Sunday offer that you can avail and get added activitiesExplore the beautiful, lovely, scenic woodland and reduce some stress, you will find yourself in midst of an exhilarating experience. 

Our resorts are nested peacefully in thick forest. Situated in the middle of lush green fields, you can also experience ecotourism which is stretched over a huge green area overlooking the Koyna Dam. It feels like family get together in a picturesque paradise.

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