5 Light Activities to do at Nature Activity Resorts near Pune

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5 Light Activities to do at Nature Activity Resorts near Pune

With the October heat on the rise during the day and pouring rains in the evenings, what can one do on weekends? Well the answer is a simple one! Escape someplace where you can make the best of both these weathers! And the answer is; Koynanagar. 

1.Morning Trails and Nature Walks Start your day bright and early! With easy trail paths waiting to be discovered by you, it’s not just a treat for your eyes but also your soul. The Western ghats are beautiful beyond words, which is why they were declared as a UNESCO Heritage site. Lined with beautiful floral routes, rugged rocks and endless shades of green, do you need more reason to come out? 

2.Bird Watching in Koynanagar One of the criteria for being declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site is the specie variant and count living in a particular zone. Koynanagar passed this with flying colours! Bring out your binoculars and spot over 300 different kinds of birds. Here’s your reason to look up to the sun in this heat! 

3.Stumble upon WaterfallsThe afternoon getting too hot to handle? We’ve got you covered! We guarantee that you will stumble upon a stream of water, some lake or even better, a waterfall! Koynagar is home to Ozarde waterfall known for its 100ft drop. After basking in the sun, wash it all off in the cool running water of the fall. It will definitely take your breath away! 

4.Agro Tourism In the rut of the city and the concrete jungle that we spend our days in, we tend to take what we have for granted! A simple visit to an Agro Tourism farm at Koynanagar is a quick fix to this situation. See in front of your eyes how they make fresh produce and even learn a trick or two! From cultivating different crops to making jaggery, there’s something to learn from it all. 

5.How about Getting a Campfire !It’s probably safe to assume that most people’s favorite part about camping is sitting around the fire at night. When we’re outdoors, the campfire is where we gather to eat, share stories and lose ourselves under the big starry night sky.At Koyna Campfires can be arranged in your resort ar campsite or even by the Riverside

We haven’t forgotten food! How can we forget food? Indulge in lip smacking delicacies that are native to the land of Koynanagar. The locals take pride in their cooking made from the freshest of produce, and cooked with a pinch of warmth for the guests. Name it and you shall have it is their policy. 

So what are you waiting for? Here’ your itinerary. Just pack your bags and leave!

Nature Activity Resorts near Pune

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