A new weekend getaways near Mumbai.Enjoy the Waterfalls, Fishing and Trekking – Find all in Koyna.

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a new weekend getaways near Mumbai
Fishing in the Koyna River -A new weekend getaways near Mumbai

Weekend getaways near Mumbai

Why you need new weekend getaways near Mumbai ?Does all the list of the best things to do near Mumbai seems like getting exhausted soon? Do you feel you don’t have anything new to discover around Mumbai? Is the maddening crowd and already explored usual packages of weekend getaways near Mumbai in and around the city discouraging you from taking that far longing break from the rat race?

There is this mesmerizing landscape in just a 6 hour drive away distance called Koynanagar – naïve, unexplored and tantalizing! Rediscover the youth in you and soak yourself in the bliss and tranquillity at this small town seated in the heart of Sahyadri. Koynanagar is second to none in the list of best holiday destinations near Mumbai.

Situated on the banks of river Koyna and surrounded by dense evergreen forest belt, what makes this township stand out of normality is the variety of activities it offers to those coming with a huge heart filled with adventure! The view from the hill top, feel of the cool breeze at the river bank, a walk through the forest; these are the minimum expectations when you think of the best forest adventure near Mumbai with nature retreat. But Koyna supersedes all your expectations through the mysterious ways in which all the above activities get transformed to fascinations that match your dreams!

Fishing Swimming and Boating in Koyna

Even if it’s your first time, you will cherish the experience of fishing in River Koyna with the guidance of experts. Camp at the river bank and enjoy a lakeside lunch to celebrate your first catch! The Shivsagar Lake, which acts as a reservoir to Koyna Dam offers various boating facilities like scooter boating and speed boating.

One can take a trip around the adjacent extend of Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary and get mesmerized in the lap of nature in an unmatched experience of best weekend getaway from Mumbai. Swim in the cool and clear water of Koyna River and refresh your soul to prepare yourself for your best forest adventure near Mumbai.

Ozarde Waterfalls in Koyna

Deep seated in the jungles, reaching the not so well-known Ozarde Waterfalls is a nature’s challenge and one of the best things to do near Mumbai. Located in the Navaja village in Koynanagar, the route to this mystique falls is a deviation from the Koyna Dam road, which ends at the starting trail point for forest trekking.

Half an hour trek through the thick jungle, the uneven and treacherous path takes you to Ozarde waterfalls – a 200 ft. plunge of tremendous amount of water causing mist at the base, showering you with fresh water sprinkles. The spectacular view of this massive gush of water and its roar in midst of the lush green jungle stupefies any traveller, making it the best holiday destination near Mumbai.

Trekking in Koyna

The steep mountains and valleys, the thick forest belt, and the location of Koyna in the Sahyadri mountain ranges makes it a perfect place out of all the weekend getaways near Mumbai, for all sorts of adventure activities which include climbing, hiking and trekking. The historic hill fort of Vasota (Nandugad) with its protective ambience gives the Maratha legacy feel.

Another distant fort is the Bhairavgad fort, which has a trek route from Helwak. The waterfall trekking to Ozarde waterfalls is also another attraction among the best things to do near Mumbai. The Rocky Mountains and pinnacles, the rugged topography and forest views make the escapade the one to remember a lifetime.

Best Time to Visit Koyna

The height above mean sea level that this town is located, gives it the blessing of having a pleasant weather all throughout the year. It is the activities one wants to indulge in that may become the deciding factor of when to visit the best holiday destination near Mumbai; October to May is considered the suitable window for visiting this place. Go in monsoon and sit back and relax, watching the scenery and waterfalls; Reach there in winter and grab your chance to see some of the rare species of flora and fauna in their natural habitats.

Reaching Koynanagar from Mumbai

The first and the most recommended option, if you are all set for the best weekend getaway from Mumbai, is to drive 295 km from Mumbai to Koynanagar watching the flora and fauna of the road sides, sometimes filled with Gulmohar trees or with mango plantations.

If you are a traveller who prefers to reach your best jungle destination near Mumbai riding with locals, then you can either take a train from Mumbai to Chiplun, and then take a cab from there, or hop on any of the red bus service that runs between Mumbai and Koyna every 30 minutes. The nearest airport from Koynanagar is Kolhapur, which will be easy from those flying in from other parts of India.

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