Koynanagar- Best weekend getaways near Pune

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Koynanagar- One of the Best weekend getaways near Pune.

When it comes to unforgettable experiences in life, the one thing that has topped the list for mankind is travel escapes. If you are living in metro cities like Mumbai and Pune, the ever changing lifestyle surrounded by concrete skyscrapers and digital web drives your hidden passion to explore. If you are searching for the best weekend getaways from Pune, you should definitely know about this mesmerizing township called ‘Koynanagar’, situated in the Satara district of Maharashtra. Located around 200 km from Pune and 350km from Mumbai city, Koynanagar is the next flourishing hill station perfectly set in the Sahyadri mountain of the Western Ghats, to become one of the best holiday destinations near Pune.

weekend getaways near Pune

Koynanagar is situated on the banks of river Koyna and surrounded by thickest jungles of Maharashtra, promoting forest adventure near Pune. The height of above 700m above mean sea level gives this place the benefit of pleasant climate all through the year, with temperature between 150 to 280.

The monsoon rainfall averaging above 2000mm attracts visitors to the breath-taking view of giant waterfalls, misty mountain tops, hills covered with blankets of greenery and valleys decorated with white fog. This unexplored paradise is the best holiday destination for families near Pune, to forget the rush of the city and rediscover nature!

The geographical location of Koynanagar has blessed the town with immense flora and fauna, making it natural habitat for wildlife and best destination for forest adventure near Pune. Recognized as World Heritage site, Koyna is proud to hold the largest hydro-electric project of India, the Koyna Dam, holding the credit of being the renewable energy capital of Maharashtra. With rising popularity of the town among the best holiday destinations near Pune, it is not surprising to see wide areas developed by luxury resorts to offer comfortable stay for tourists and picnickers.

The hospitality of these resorts and native residents, blended with high standard amenities and local cuisine promises an exquisite and royal experience for couples and families in search of best holiday destinations near Pune.

Travelling to the best weekend getaways near Pune is not only about peace and tranquillity, but also about being able to do and experience new things. The fresh air and mountain breeze at Koyna rejuvenates the soul and enriches the life force to enjoy the various nature activities that opens up innumerable possibilities of celebrating forest adventure near Pune. You can witness the natural habitat of wilderness in the Sahyadri Forest Reserve watching varieties of bird and animal species including tiger, bison, giant squirrel, spotted dove, blue winged pigeon and many more.

weekend getaways near Pune

If the sounds and sight of gushing and gurgling water is what soothes your soul, then you can go for a boat ride in Shiv Sagar Lake and enjoy fishing, or swim to your heart’s content in the Koyna River to remember this best holiday destination near Pune for a lifetime! The Ozrade waterfall in Koyna and Humberali waterfalls will surely stun you with an expanded view of the entire village, meadows and Koyna Dam.

For plant lovers, Koyna offers the Botanical Garden, around 5km from Nehru Park, a landscaped garden overlooking the Koyna Dam, which has some rare species of plants and medicinal herbs.The mesmerizing view from the Kumbarli Ghats mountain pass and camping on the banks of river Koyna are some of the other favourites for couples who reach here in search of forest adventure near Pune.

To extract the essence of Koynanagar as an unforgettable travel experience, the best seasons to visit should also be familiar to those planning for weekend getaways near Pune. Even though the climate is welcoming all through the year, the best time of the year to visit Koynanagar is from June to February, covering monsoon and winter. You can indulge in discovering the adventurous self during winter through wildlife spotting, fishing and trekking & sink in the lap of Mother Nature to stimulate your senses during monsoon.

Koyna can be reached by road and the mode of transport is the choice you can make, based on your adventure index! One way to reach Koyna is by driving from Pune, rolling through the spectacular view of tall trees, thick forest plantations and farming lands that tickles your imaginations of the upcoming experience of best forest adventure near Pune. 

If you are a lone traveller or prefer to ride with the locals, hop on an overnight direct bus from Mumbai to Koynanagar or take an overnight local train from Mumbai to Chiplun and then continue to Koyna nagar in a taxi or bus. In any way, the travel experience all through the journey from the beginning, till the very end will definitely be unique and the one that you will always cherish!

Best weekend getaways near Pune

At the heart of Koynanagar lies a mesmerizing property called ‘Forest Escapes Koyna’. Interestingly for travellers looking for Weekend getaways from Mumbai, the bus from Mumbai to Koyna stops right in the front of this mesmerizing resort ‘Forest Escapes Koyna’ – the biggest luxury resort in Koyna.

Once you chose Koyna to be your next weekend destination from Mumbai or Pune,
your stay & experience is sorted. Just contact ‘Forest Escapes Koyna’ for getting your best stay experience arranged.For More Deatils visit Explore Koyna

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