Why Koynanagar is the Best Holiday Destination near Mumbai

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Best Holiday Destination near Mumbai

Koynanagar -The Best Holiday Destination near Mumbai

Mumbai – The capital city of the state of Maharashtra in India and the most populous in the country still flourishes with people from all parts of India, who come in search of wealth, fame, power and wanderlust to explore the best holiday destination near Mumbai. If you are a proud ‘Mumbaikar’ living like a busy bee, your attention must have certainly come across the tourism sector of the region and you are reading this article because you are in search of the best weekend getaway from Mumbai.

There is such a wide spectrum of opportunities to explore around that it becomes a challenge to prioritize where to go first! If you are seeking for a perfect blend of nature experience and adventure, the small township seated in the stunningly beautiful Sahyadri mountain ranges of the Western Ghats – Koynanagar gives you the best forest adventure near Mumbai. Situated on the banks of River Koyna, it is an upcoming hill station in the Satara district which is around 6 hour drive from Mumbai through the Chiplun-Sangli state highway. Blessed with picturesque landscape and dense evergreen forest belt that marks the transition zone between the Konkan and Deccan plateau, this lakeside town is the best jungle destination near Mumbai.

Whether you are looking for a serene and laid back vacation in the jungle or an enthralling experience of a forest adventure that makes you skip your heartbeat, Koyna offers you all the options that you can think of for the best weekend getaway from Mumbai. There are various exciting things to do in Koynanagar that tickles the senses of even those travellers who come with least in mind.

An enchanting trek through the forest and hills to the sunset view, a thriller packed jungle safari through the national park watching the wildlife in the nature’s cradle in its natural form, waterfall trekking to witness the giant falls during monsoon, fishing and boating in the backwaters of Shivsagar lake, forest campfire and barbecue; The list of best things to do near Mumbai will overwhelm you once you discover this gem in the heart of Sahyadri!

Koyna Wild Life Sanctuary – The Ultimate Forest Adventure

You don’t need to travel to Africa for a thrilling jungle safari! The Koyna Wild Life Sanctuary which is a part of Sahyadri Tiger Reserve is itself a vast area to explore to your heart’s content with its three sections of Vasota, Maharkhor and Indavli Met.

Embark on the best forest adventure near Mumbai with an expedition of this biodiversity park protected by the slopes of Western Ghats on both sides and Shivsagar Lake on one side. Wild life spotting, Bird watching, Fishing in the lake, trekking and trailing through the natural mountain terrain will make your best weekend getaway from Mumbai an unforgettable experience unmatched with all the wildlife exploration till date.

Part of the UNESCO’s world heritage sites, the sanctuary in itself offers possibilities of a tight packed one day picnic covering the major attractions – The gigantic Ozarde waterfalls, the mystic jungle, Koyna water reserve and dam, picturesque landscape of Ghatmatha, wild animals like tigers, leopards, bison, Indian gaur, wild boar, sambar deer, mouse deer, sloth bear, etc. and rare species of birds like crested serpent eagles, yellow footed green pigeon, purple rumped sunbird and scarlet minivets fulfils your getaway dream of best forest adventure near Mumbai.

The sunset point, jungle forts, and lot more in the list of best things to do near Mumbai, Koyna will enchant you throughout your time spent here. It is the best jungle destination near Mumbai that you should never miss out.

Best Time to Visit Koyna

The height above mean sea level that this town is located, gives it the blessing of having a pleasant weather all throughout the year. It is the activities one wants to indulge in that may become the deciding factor of when to visit the best holiday destination near Mumbai; October to May is considered the suitable window for visiting this place. Go in monsoon and sit back and relax, watching the scenery and waterfalls; Reach there in winter and grab your chance to see some of the rare species of flora and fauna in their natural habitats.

Reaching Koynanagar from Mumbai

The first and the most recommended option, if you are all set for the best weekend getaway from Mumbai, is to drive 295 km from Mumbai to Koynanagar watching the flora and fauna of the road sides, sometimes filled with Gulmohar trees or with mango plantations.

If you are a traveller who prefers to reach your best jungle destination near Mumbai riding with locals, then you can either take a train from Mumbai to Chiplun, and then take a cab from there, or hop on any of the red bus service that runs between Mumbai and Koyna every 30 minutes. The nearest airport from Koynanagar is Kolhapur, which will be easy from those flying in from other parts of India.

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