World Tiger Day 2019 was a sigh of relief for all nature lovers, as numbers of the tiger species were said to be rising rapidly.
A big part of that number is spotted at the breathtaking Chandoli National Park, situated in backyards!  This sanctuary is nestled at just a 4-hour drive from Pune and is home to a startling diversity of flora and fauna. It is estimated to have 9 tigers and over 66 leopards. They all thrive under the care of mother nature at the Sahyadri Tiger reserve.


Overview – Sahyadri Tiger Reserve

In 2007, authorities declared Chandoli National Park to be a part of Project Tiger (Sahyadri Tiger Reserve) and since has tremendously helped to bring back life in Tiger numbers in the region.

Chandoli is also known for having over 100 different species of birds which is nothing less than a paradise for bird watching. It’s one of Maharashtra’s most well-kept secret. Along with wonders in the sky, it is known for easily spotting the barking deer, sambar deer, mouse deer and blackbuck amongst many others. So don’t forget your binoculars and cameras when you visit this piece of heaven!


Explore Sahyadri Tiger Reserve more

This national park is one of the fondest ways of exploring Koyna and taking in its grandeur. Within a drive’s reach from Pune and Mumbai, it makes for the perfect escape to paradise. It’s an experience of tranquility as you dive into and take in all the known and unknown life in the verdant forest of the Chandoli National Park.

Other than being ecologically this pristine, Chandoli National Park also has great historical significance. With Prachitgad and Bhairavgad situated in the heart of the park, it was an asset to Sambhaji and his clan of warriors. This park is Maharashtra’s hidden jewel waiting to be explored.

Sahyadri Tiger reserve, Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, and Chandoli National Park are just a stone’s throw away and brimming with life in all forms.

It should definitely be on your bucket list, along with the luxurious Resorts surrounding Chandoli national park for your next destination getaway.

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