Plan your vacation in Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

We are all busy in our daily lives, not realizing how the week passes by and the weekend in a haze. So we make an excuse for planning an elaborate family vacation, to spend time with our loved ones. But those tedious vacation tasks often make it more stressful to be on vacation, than to enjoy it like a vacation! Imagine what it must feel like for your little ones, trapped in their everyday routine and not even realizing what all the fuss is about?

14th November is celebrated as Children’s Day, and it is the only excuse you need to plan this little vacation with your loved ones! Instead of spending hours trying to figure out an elaborate vacation, just sit in your car and see where the road takes you. From Pune or Mumbai, the serene beauty of winding roads is sure to bring you to Koynanagar! And from here, there’s no turning back.

Have a hassle-free weekend enveloped in the embrace of Koynanagar. With the winter chill just approaching, it is the perfect time to visit the greenery that is blooming in all its glory post the monsoon. The waterfalls will welcome you with a steady flow of white gushing water. In the afternoon sun, let your kids go crazy in the waterfalls! Where can they find such little joys in city life? Give them an authentic Maharashtrian experience with delicacies and specialities of the region that are cooked with an extra sprinkle of love for the little ones.

To make your weekend even more special, indulge in a bonfire with some lip-smacking barbecue and the marshmallow experience! Tell your kid stories from your childhood, listen to your kid talk about his stories. Their innocence is bound to leave you baffled! Such special family memories can be created in the heart of Koynanagar, and experiences that the entire family will cherish for a lifetime. We promise you, you need this little getaway as much as your kids do! So make this Children’s Day about celebrating life in the heart of little ones and their boundless energy! Come to Koynanagar and let their spirits fly free.

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