Kaas Lake / Kaas Plateau a Photoshopped beautiful Land

We have all envisioned running through a meadow of yellow flowers to fall in the arms of the special one of our life, Regardless of being a Bollywood fan or not, we all secretly wish for this to happen with us.

The good news is, you don’t need to go all the way to Switzerland or any fancy northern places for this dream to come true!

We have our meadow of beautiful & wildflowers on the outskirts of Satara. A mere 2-hour drive from Pune and a 5-hour drive from Mumbai, it’s one of the most picturesque destinations in the Sahyadri range. It has a charm that no one can deny!

Kaas Plateau of flowers

The Kaas Pathar or Plateau of flowers at Vankusawade is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2012, famous for having a variety of more than 850 species of flowers thriving on it.

The plateau is a great weekend visit for anyone who wishes to wrap themselves in the beauty of nature. From a fun extended family picnics, a photo-op with your friends or a romantic getaway with your special someone; Kaas Plateau mesmerizes all!

Beautiful Kaas Lake

If you are visiting Kas Pathar, You should also visit Kaas lake, surrounded by mountains from all four sides. Built hundred years ago to supply water to Satara city, now become a popular tourist destination along with Kaas Pathar, It is a small lake situated almost 3 KM ahead of the Kaas Pathar.

A very serene place to spend a couple of hours. The Kaas Lake is beautiful with splendid Kumudini flowers all over the water and the lake is surrounded by dense evergreen forests of the Sahyadri, some parts of Lake is restricted and It is not allowed to touch the pristine water in any way. Kaas Lake is excellent. Very scenic. Calm and quiet ambiance. Pure and clean water.

You can see a different variety of birds around the lake, the jungle around the lake makes it a great ambiance. Kaas Lake is the best lake in ghats.

Combination of Monsoon, Kaas plateau, and Kaas Lake

The Kaas plateau adorns itself with flowers and becomes a beautiful “Valley of Flowers” in the monsoon. The perfect time of the year to see them bloom in all its glory is from August to early October.

It’s as if it was handcrafted to fit your monsoon long drives and outings! With the advent of increased tourism, there has been a cap set to the number of tourists a day. Only 3000 tourists are allowed to witness heaven on earth each day, so make sure you book your slot beforehand! With such responsible tourism, we’ve opened up new possibilities of mingling with the best of what nature has to offer us.

With the monsoons in full swing and the flowers blooming to make your dream come true, plan your next weekend to the beautiful valley of flowers and prepared to be mesmerized by the vivid colors, vast variety, and verdant bloom.

Information about Kaas plateau and Kaas Lake

Please make note that Kaas is beautiful in monsoon,

  • From Satara – 25 km
  • From Pune – 125 km
  • From Mumbai – 280 km
  • From Kolhapur – 150 km
  • From Sangli – 147 km

Rules & Restriction

Plucking flowers or the plants in Kaas not allowed
Littering not allowed

Explore More Kaas

Vajrai Waterfall
You can drive from the Kaas village to vajrai Falls on a mud-road that goes to the vajrai falls. Park your vehicles at the Kaas village and then trek thought trail which will reach panoramic view overlooking the valley where the roaring Vajrai Waterfall is visible.

Shivsagar Lake 15km from Kaas Plateau, Shivsagar Lake is popular among trekkers as the base point to Fort Vasota. Baoting services are offered is in Shivsagar lake. The beautiful and large reservoir is one of the points you can visit while on a trip to Kaas Lake.

Thoseghar Waterfalls, 20 km from Satara and 35 km from Kaas Plateau, most scenic falls in the area, viewing gallery is maintained by govt. of the district, it’s easily accessible from the main road.

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