Experience One of the Biggest Waterfalls In Maharashtra!

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Plan your Monsoon Getaway at Koyna,Be Amazed! Monsoon Getaways near Pune

Ozarde Waterfall: a hidden treasure revealed!!!!!!!!!

Tucked away in the verdant green of Koynanagar is a magnificence your eyes wont believe! Which is why we suggest you visit the spot and see it with your own eyes.This waterfall is famous for its massive drop and the evergreen forests.

Ozarde Waterfall is known for its larger than life drop, with bubbling white water tumbling down the rocks and the green envelope around soaking in it! It’s an easy trail for kids and families alike, and a fun day out for everyone that is young at heart.

One has to trek for about 45 minutes through dense forest to reach the waterfall,crossing may small streams where on can take a break to play in the water. It can be a tedious journey for some to reach the waterfall. But, the aftermath of the trip overcomes the tiredness. Such is the beauty of the Ozarde waterfall.

A 30 minute to 45 minute trail leads you to the base of the waterfall. The start of the trail is a little off the Koyna Dam road and can be easily found by cars or buses. Since it’s only a couple of hours away from metro cities like Pune and Mumbai, it serves to be a great tourist attraction for nature lovers and is packed with tourist on Weekends.

The waterfall has a spectacular 100 feet drop to the base of the trail and the water drops down with a roar, creating a loud gurgling noise with mammoths of water falling right next to your feet reminding you of the power for nature!!One is awestruck by is magnitude and beauty. The fall is at such a speed that little droplets of water bounce off the base of the waterfall, creating a mist and giving the feel of rain. So, spend your day here and return with satisfaction

The entire surrounding has a pleasant weather and an inviting vibe! With plenty of food and drink options, you can enjoy some hot Bhajiyas and Chai while the waterfall plays in all its glory. 

Ozarde Waterfall has a number of attractions that surround it! After a day’s picnic no one wants to go back home and Koynanagar has multiple options for you to explore. From luxury resorts to local home stays, Koynanagar has it all! For a budget trip with friends, indulge in some lip smacking local cuisine after soaking in the waterfall! If you are on a family getaway, spend some quality time with your loved ones but in style. And for the romantic hearts, Koynanagar is a paradise with blooming love in all seasons. 

With ease of access, a lot of activities to keep you entertained and the breathtaking view, Ozarde Waterfall is perfect for all kinda of weekend getaways!

How To reach Ozarde Waterfall

Distance from Pune – 190 Kms. Satara-70 Kms ,Karad – 60 Kms, Chiplun -45 Kms. On Reaching Koynanagar one can hire a Local Rikshaw .Ozarde waterfall is about 10 Kms from Koynanagar and one can visit the Koyna Dam and the Nehru Garden on the Way. It is a very senic drive with many smaller waterfalls that one can stop at on the Way.

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