Agreen hotels are defined by their ‘green space’. With environmental hazards mounting up, it is the need of the hour to transform our spaces, activities, endeavors, approaches, and initiatives into eco-friendly ones. Global warming, rising emission levels, water and air pollution, fast depleting natural resources are posing a serious danger to our planet and to us. Doing our bit to revert this is the idea behind agreen hotels, which are based on sustainable and eco-smart principles of design, development, and management.

Leisure Hotels Available at Koyna for travellers who are travelling with family, solo or friends.

1- Wind Chalet:

A paradise is Born. Perched on top of the picturesque Sahyadri, Koyna is nothing but paradise on Earth. Sky Earth Water. Koyna is a silent witness for their Triveni Sangam. Wind Chalet is a small boutique hotel overlooking the Koyna Dam. It offers uninterrupted panoramic views of the Koyna reservoir and the hills surrounding the dam. Wind Chalet has only 4 Deluxe rooms with the best view in koyna and is suitable for travelers looking to explore nature and soak up the view from the balcony. if you are looking for some tranquility, warmth and simple privacy, then Wind Chalet is your Destination.

2- River Side Inn:

Revel in Cool Riverside Lifestyle, Delightfully Comfortable. An ideal travelers’ halt for backpackers and tourists, located at Koynanagar on Karad-Chiplun Highway. Riverside Inn offers cozy rooms, clean bathrooms, open terrace for star gazing and interiors designed aesthetically with nature as muse. Riverside Inn is a perfect answer for the nature wanderer’s quest. 24 x 7 front desk services available just to pamper you to rejuvenate and relax. Take walk by the riverside with mesmerizing sight and adore your abode of happiness.

3- Backwater Cabins:

Find soulful peace at this discreet space where thoughts shimmer with tranquility. Backwater Cabins situated at Kathi, which is a scenic hill station set in the stunningly beautiful Sahyadri Western Ghats. This is a part of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves in India. Backwater Cabins offer a beautiful glimpse of Koyna. With the windmill plateau in the neighborhood, Backwater Cabins are exclusive container houses with an exotic 180-degree view of the Koyna backwaters.

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