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Weekend Destination from Mumbai

How can you decide your next weekend getaway without checking the reviews in Trip Advisor? The effort put into research and planning the next best holiday destination near Mumbai won’t be complete without reading the experience of other travellers who have already been there and lived the dream! The rapidly flourishing popularity of Koynanagar – The small township seated in the magnificent Sahyadri mountain ranges of the Western Ghats, is attracting travellers from both Pune and Mumbai.

This unexplored and naïve region have some of the best things to do near Mumbai. It is true that the reviews are an indispensable info you seek to get an idea about the overall pulse of the public. And reading what Trip Advisor says about Koyna will only foster your decision of packing up for your next best weekend getaway from Mumbai.


Koyna Dam and Shiv Sagar Lake

Weekend Destination from Mumbai


It is the most popular place in Koynanagar as per reviews in Trip Advisor. Though some people have openly written about how the special permission required for visiting the Dam has caused inconvenience, the view of the dam from Nehru Gardens is satisfying for most. The stages of the hydroelectric power plant and boating and fishing in the back waters of Shiv Sagar lake reservoir is also popular as best things to do near Mumbai.



Ozarde Waterfall

Weekend Destination from Mumbai
Weekend Destination Koyna

Koyna is recommended for travellers of all ages, though the overall excitement, adventure and mood of the place makes it best weekend getaway for couples near Mumbai and Pune and for families with children. As per Trip Advisor, Ozarde waterfall is a sight comparable to none other and the path to reach the waterfall is uneven, eligible for a forest trek! There are small streams on the way where you can relax and refresh, except for leaches and frogs on the path. It is advised to carry food and drinks before you embark on the best forest adventure near Mumbai or Pune.



Nehru Garden

More than the lush green flowering plants and trees in the botanical garden, you will see more written about the documentary film that is played in the museum about Koyna, the dam and reservoir. The garden gives a clear view of the catchment area of the dam. It is recommended as a must visit place if you are in Koyna for the best weekend getaway from Mumbai.



Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

In addition to becoming the most popular hill stations near Mumbai, Koyna’s major attraction is the wildlife sanctuary, which is also a region declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Though some have returned disappointed, the safari and trek through the thick jungle will surely give a chance to spot wildlife and rare species of birds in its natural habitat. Koyna thus also becomes a destination for best forest adventure near Pune.

Weekend Destination from Mumbai


Other than the above places, there are other unexplored short visits near Koyna like Kaas Pathar which is a biodiversity hotspot with various seasonal wild flower blooms, orchids, shrubs like Karvy and carnivorous plants like Drosera Indica and numerous species of endemic butterflies. The visit to this plateau made of volcanic rocks in the biosphere of Western Ghats should never be missed by nature lovers. The trip to the best holiday destination near Mumbai – Koynanagar would be incomplete without experiencing Kaas Pathar.



When to visit Koyna

Koyna has a pleasant weather all throughout the year due to its geographical location and height above mean sea level. Out of all other most popular hill stations near Mumbai, the one thing that gives Koyna the special place is the climate which makes it an alluring best holiday destination near Mumbai. The monsoon season magnifies the beauty of the green landscape and heavy waterfalls. If you are going during winter you will get to see some rare species of flora and fauna in the wildlife sanctuary during your safari and trek.


Reaching Koynanagar from Pune

Option 1: One of the best ways to reach Koyna is to drive around 250km from Pune. The spectacular view of tall trees, thick forests and farm lands will forever remain in your sweet memories of this best forest adventure near Pune.

Option 2: Take a direct bus from Pune to Koynanagar or book a local train from Pune to Chiplun and then continue to Koynanagar in a taxi or local bus.


Reaching Koyna from Mumbai

As the upcoming most popular hill stations near Mumbai, Koyna can be reached from Mumbai by a 6 hour drive covering 295km, the best way to start your adventurous journey to this enchanting destination. The view of the road side covering the green landscape and hill view will rejuvenate your soul.

In case you are a long traveller in wanderlust, ride with the locals on a red bus, direct from Mumbai to Koynanagar or take a train from Mumbai to Chiplun and then continue to Koynanagar in local bus. It is a promise that the excitement of the journey itself will form the strongest travel memory of one of your best weekend getaways near Mumbai.

Weekend Destination from Mumbai
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