New Year’s Eve in Koynanagar

Weekend Destination from Mumbai

Another chapter in the book of years is soon to reach its last page! Yes, soon you will be seeing Christmas trees and stars decorated all around, gifts and cakes rushing through orders, school choirs and skits on the story of the origin of the upcoming holiday season. Your next destination for a long holiday is due to be planned and decided. Being in a metro city like Mumbai or Pune, the ultimate aim will not only be to grab the deals on best holiday destination near Mumbai and Pune, but also to find out the best things to do near Mumbai and Pune on a New Year’s Eve.

Weekend Destination from Mumbai
Agreen Hotels Koynanagar

Being a typical Mumbaikar or Punekar, the perfect setting for year-end celebrations would be a relaxed drive through the scenic beauty of the Western Ghats to reach an unseen paradise, an adrenaline rush while exploring the wild flora and fauna, and ending the day with a typical desi cuisine or barbecue with wine in the lap of nature under the stars! All of this is one place is Koynanagar, the best weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune. It is without doubt a feeling unmatched to gather in Koyna with your friends and family to celebrate New Year’s Eve.


Nehru Garden, Koyna Dam and Shiv Sagar Lake

Weekend Destination from Mumbai
Beauty of Koynanagar

The botanical garden 2km away from town has medicinal trees and plants and also gives a clear view of the catchment area of Koyna Dam. The documentary about the dam and the hydroelectric project is loaded with fascinating info on the importance of this dam. If you have taken authority permission well in advance while planning your best holiday destination near Mumbai, you can get a close view of the dam. Or else swimming, boating and fishing experience in the Koyna River and Shiv Sagar Lake will still fill your heart with content.


Koyna Wild Life Sanctuary and Ozarde Waterfall

Weekend Destination from Mumbai
Weekend Destination Koyna

Adventurous mission sets in when you hop into the jeep for a wild life jungle safari to feel the soul of the forest. The evergreen forest belt of the bio reserve is home to thousands of species of animals and birds that maybe spotted in its natural habitat during exploration, making Koyna the best jungle destination near Mumbai. The forest trek to the base of Ozarde waterfall is also difficult, yet rewarding for the efforts.


Ghatmatha and Hill Forts

Just 15 minutes from Koynanagar is Ghatmatha – The highest peak in the Sahyadri hills. Reach the top of this mountain pass and view the sunset while enjoying the cool breeze. The best way to say goodbye to one year old memories and welcome a fresh new start on a New Year’s Eve, your best holiday destination near Mumbai drives you close to Mother Nature! The Bhairavgad Fort, Vasota Fort, Jaigad Fort and Ram Mandir at Chaphal are also places that shouldn’t be missed in your expedition in Koyna.


Kaas Pathar and Windmill Farm

Observing nature and finding rare species of plants is not typical for naturalists and botanists alone. The seasonal wild flower bloom and endemic butterflies at Kaas Pathar – The plateau of flowers is an enchanting exposure that invokes the passion in you to fall back to nature. The windmill farm nearby also attracts tourists to reach here for their best weekend getaway from Mumbai.

Your holiday visit to Koyna during winter would be special not only because it ticks off the best things to do near Mumbai from your bucket list, but the weather in Koyna during the months of November and December is cosy with a temperature ranging from 12 to 30 degree Celsius. The intermittent showers during the monsoon will have already cleared the air and given new life to the vegetation and century old landscape, making bird watching and wild life spotting all the more worthwhile and rewarding while on your best weekend getaway from Mumbai.

Weekend Destination from Mumbai

How to Reach Koynanagar from Mumbai

If you are all set for the best weekend getaway from Mumbai, the recommended option is to drive 295 km from Mumbai to Koynanagar watching the natural biodiversity of the drive way, at times decorated with Gulmohar trees or mango plantations. If you are a traveller your best jungle destination near Mumbai can be reached by taking a local train from Mumbai to Chiplun, and then taking a cab from there, or by hopping on any of the red bus service that runs between Mumbai and Koyna every 30 minutes. The nearest airport from Koynanagar is Kolhapur, which will be easy for those flying in from other parts of India.


How to Reach Koynanagar from Pune

Option 1: Driving from Pune, rolling through the spectacular view of tall trees, thick forest plantations and farming lands that tickle your imaginations of the upcoming experience of best forest adventure near Pune.

Option 2: Hop on an overnight direct bus from Pune to Koynanagar or take an overnight local train from Pune to Chiplun and then continue to Koynanagar in a taxi or bus.


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