Vibrant Thoseghar Waterfall

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Thoseghar Waterfall & Sahyadri Overview 

Western Maharashtra is full of nature, and it is a gift by mother earth to the region, the Largest Mountain range is Sahyadri, which covers about 6,500 km 2 of the mountainous terrains, starting from south Gujarat and ending at Goa-Maharashtra borders.

The Western Ghats are a significant component of the herbaceous flora, both in terms of abundance and diversity. The southern part of Sahyadri get most rain in regions and thus best to visit it Monsoon.

Thoseghar Waterfall

Sahyadri ranges in Satara district has many beautiful tourist attractions to offer, from hiking trails like Vasota and Bhairavgad to National parks like Koyna wildlife sanctuary, Chandoli National Park, beautiful lake like Shivsagar Lake, there are tourist spots like Mahabaleshwar, Pachgani. And there is a vibrant Thoseghar Waterfall.

A roaring Thoseghar waterfall is the most amazing waterfall to visit in monsoon. milky streams of water plunge down in deep gorge making the sound that will amaze you, make you take out your camera and click it in every angle.
Thoseghar waterfall is a vibrant scenic wonder in the lap of Sahyadri, you should at least once in monsoon. A Fierce and Majestic Waterfall is hidden in Lush Green Mountains

How to reach to Thoseghar waterfall

You can ride a bike or car to it since there is huge parking to park it easily. The road is in good condition, Huge windmills by road to take selfies.  

Traveling from Pune it is approx. 142 km, if you are traveling from Kolhapur then it is approx. 144 km and from Belgaum 251km, From Satara 26.5km And from our Backwater Cabins Resort, it is just 18 km
Food Stall & Washroom is available at the spot, there is a parking lot to park the vehicles, you would be able to hear the roaring sound of the waterfall from that distance. Walk little to reach the viewing gallery
If you wish to explore Sahyadri further, visit Kas Plateau, then you can stay Forest Escape Koyna or Wind Chalet with your loved ones.
Now you know this breathtakingly tourist spot to visit with your loved ones. A journey of making memories in Rain is accompanied by nature around you with romantic and mesmerizing Thoseghar waterfall.

Article by: Vivek Kubal

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