Plan your Monsoon Getaway to the Plateau Of Flowers at Van Kusawade! .

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Looking for a new Monsoon getaway near Mumbai .

The Plateau of Flowers and the Wind energy Park is Situated at Vankusawade about 45 Kms from Satara.The wind energy park is one of the largest in the country and one can witness hundreds of wind mills. Set amidst lush green hills, valleys and the red soil these windmills make a beautiful sight. During the months of August & September ,the entire plateau is coverd with Pink ,White, Blue and yellow cloured Carpets of flowers and is a sight to behold.

Book Your Stay at Backwater Cabins.

Backwater Cabins is a holiday destination comprised of elegant and exclusive container houses. Overlooking the Koyna Backwaters and nestled in the pleasant neighbourhood of Koyna, it is a great place to rewind and rejuvenate. Backwater Cabins offers a mesmerising 180 degree view of tranquil Koyna Backwaters. The houses are well designed and well equipped with modern amenities and quality specifications. The interiors are cosy and comfortable for a relaxed stay. Here you can enjoy simple, rustic life. You will love the piping hot, sumptuous local food. There are other activities to enjoy too. You can take a long walk in lovely ambience go fishing or bird watching. visit beautiful Kas pathar or the Thoseghar Waterfall

How To Reach Backwater Cabins


DISTANCES FROM Mumbai-300 Kms Pune-160 Kms Satara-45 Kms Koyna-44 Kms

TOUSRIST ATTRACTIONS COVERED- Kaas Pathar,Ajinkyatara Fort,Sajjangad,Thoseghar Waterfall,Windmill Park,Plateau of Flowers at Vankusawade,Backwater View

Stay in Koyna

Once on reching Koyna, your stay is sorted with Agreen Hotels. Agreen Hotels offers Hotel stays In Koyna for every taste and budget. For a Luxurious stay look no further than ‘Forest Escapes Koyna’ & for a budget group travel ‘Wind Chalet Resort’ is the best place to be in Koyna. ‘Riverside Inn’ offers budget rooms by the stream & ‘Backwater Cabins’ gives an amazing view of Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary and Backwaters.

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